Walk and Learn the Wisdom of Our Ancestors

Walk and Learn the Wisdom of Our Ancestors

Near the Ajiwaragawa River that runs through the town of Hamasaka, the traditional stone walls and homes speak to the area's history and culture. You'll also find the Imeitei Museum of Ancestors here. Not too far away, you can see brick walls and a train station water tower. Walk on a bit more to see Tokan Tunnel and many relics of the local railroad's bygone days. As you stroll along, your guide will tell you how the town residents' ancestors used the gifts of the local geology to produce sewing needles with iron sand, enjoy hot springs and make other use of spring water. You're sure to have fun with your friendly local guide!

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Postal Code
Hamasaka 2673-1, Shin-onsen Town, Mikata County, Hyogo Prefecture
Department of Commerce, Industry & Tourism, Shinonsen Town Hall 0796-82-5625
Closed when snowing (irregular off-days)


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