Meat Restaurant, Matsumura

Meat Restaurant, Matsumura

The owner, who trained at a long-established meat restaurant in Matsuzaka City, opened his restaurant in Toba City about 35 years ago. This prominent restaurant focuses on the highest quality meat and attracts enthusiastic guests even beyond the Kansai region.

Their unremitting commitment to all the finest ingredients makes them use only the highest quality meat; loin or fillet of Matsuzaka beef and other top-quality black wagyu beef, those ranked A-5 and BMS 10 or higher. At Matsumura, you can taste this highly ranked meat in a popular sukiyaki style or a winter-limited shabu-shabu style (October to March).

Among all items on the menu, the chef’s best recommendation is the grilled Matsuzaka beef fillet which exists in only 8 kg out of one 500 kg cow. Furthermore, the only meat cut used for this special steak dish at Matsumura is only 4kg out of the eight. This rare, selected meat is first dipped in a special sauce and then grilled carefully. You will need to try this unique steak and its luxurious taste.


Matsumura’s sukiyaki sauce is only made of soy sauce and sugar.
Thinly sliced meat for shabu-shabu is soft and light
Thorough selection of all ingredients; meat, vegetable, and seasonings
Special original sauce has a tamari soy sauce base and brings out the best taste of the meat.
Try this once-in-a-lifetime experience of grilled Matsuzaka Beef fillet.
A beautiful entryway of traditional architecture, with 6 individual dining rooms.


Name in Japanese
Postal Code
20-4 Oakihigashimachi, Toba City, Mie
Business Hours
Lunch 11:30am-2:00pm, Dinner 5:00pm-8:00pm
5,500yen and up
5 minutes’ drive from Toba Station.
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