Kansai International Airport③

Kansai International Airport③

31 Jan 2024

The KANSAI Guide

Kansai Airport Station

Two train companies, JR and Nankai Railway, operate services from Kansai International Airport. The station is connected to the 2nd floor of the Terminal 1 building by a connecting concourse. There is a free shuttle bus from the Terminal 2 building, and a concourse connects Aeroplaza, where the bus arrives, to the station. The concourse is roofed, so it is safe even on rainy days.

If you want to send your luggage to your hotel or other accommodation, you can use the delivery service located outside the ticket gates on the Nankai side. You can leave your luggage with us and enjoy an efficient trip with empty-handed sightseeing from Kansai Airport.

Kansai Airport Station is colored blue for JR trains and orange for Nankai trains, and the colors are unified from the ticket counter to the station gates, so you can use the station without getting lost. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket counter or from an automatic ticket vending machine that also displays English. In Japan, automatic ticket vending machines work by checking the fare to the destination on the fare chart, inserting bills or coins, and then pressing the button for that amount.

Both JR and Nankai trains sell free passes, and you can purchase a free pass according to your destination for a comfortable and economical trip. Both JR and Nankai Railway run fast and convenient limited express trains, but both lines require an express fare in addition to the boarding ticket.

The orange gate on the right is for Nankai trains, and the blue gate on the left is for JR trains. Kansai Airport Station is the first station, but the destination of each train differs, so please check the destination sign board in English before boarding.

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