Kansai International Airport①

Kansai International Airport①

31 Jan 2024

The KANSAI Guide

Terminal 1 Building

Kansai International Airport, the gateway to Kansai consists of Terminal 1 (main terminal) and Terminal 2 (dedicated to low-cost carriers).

There are a variety of transportation services available from Kansai International Airport depending on your destination and travel style.

Kansai Airport Station is located adjacent to Terminal 1(T1), and is conveniently linked to JR and Nankai Railways.Limousine buses connect through to Osaka City (approx 1 hour) as well as many other major cities in the Kansai region, including Kyoto (approx 90 mins), Nara, Kobe and Wakayama etc, making them a convenient choice for getting around. The bus stop is located on the 1st floor outside the airport arrival gates.
All destinations are clearly written in English. The ticket office is located near the bus stop, along with a ticket machine (including English options). A high-speed ferry connects Kansai Airport with Kobe in 30 minutes.

For those who need direct access to the hotel, taxis are often waiting at the taxi stands. The taxi stands are divided by destination. Please check the signs at the taxi stands.

There are also car rental counters available in the Aeroplaza. It is best to make a rental reservation in advance, however on-the-spot rentals may also be available. Kansai International Airport is connected to various Kansai expressways, making driving around the region convenient.

The terminal building houses the Kansai Tourist Information Center, which provides a wealth of information on travel to the Kansai region, including directions to various destinations and ticket sales.

There is also a delivery service that transports luggage from the airport to your accommodation on the same day and a temporary luggage storage facility, which you can use if you want to head directly from the airport to a tourist destination.

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