Visit a Temple in the Traditional ‘Ohenro’ Pilgrim’s Garb!

Visit a Temple in the Traditional ‘Ohenro’ Pilgrim’s Garb!

At a facility standing in front of the first temple of the Shikoku 88 pilgrimage, you will get an explanation to learn the manners on how to go on a pilgrimage from an expert “ohenro” guide, and you will hear the history and cultural background of the Shikoku 88 pilgrimage. Afterward, rent religious attire consisting of a white robe, “wagesa” stole, “kongo” walking stick and a “suge” straw hat, then get changed. Experience writing on “osamefuda” name slips, a custom that dates back to ancient times. You can take this brush home as a souvenir. Visit a temple the right way by learning how to enter a temple, wash your hands and gargle at the wash area, handle candles and incense and use your “osamefuda” name slips.



Minimum Number of Passengers
1 person
Maximum Capacity
10 participants
Participation Restrictions
Not available
Meeting and Exchange Areas
Monzen Ichibangai
29-6 Nishiyamada Oasacho Bando, Naruto-shi, Tokushima Prefecture
Open Period
Closed Period
Be sure to inquire about options
Meeting Times and Business Hours
Hourly 9:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m.
Tour Schedule
Meet at Monzen Ichibangai/ Hear pilgrimage etiquette/ Get changed (our staff will help you)/ Visit a pilgrimage site and enjoy a leisurely stroll/ Return the attire
Required Time
Around 2 hours
Provision of Meals
Meals are not provided
Open to meal requests
Not available
Universal accessibility
Not available
Parking: Available for buses and standard-sized vehicles
Basically accepted upon request.
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