Nisshozan Muryoju-in Gokuraku-ji Temple

Nisshozan Muryoju-in Gokuraku-ji Temple

The tranquil Gokuraku-ji Temple is the second location on the 88-temple pilgrimage of Shikoku. Enclosed by mountains on three sides, through the vermillion Nio-mon Gate is an expansive Japanese garden designed to symbolize the Pure Land. At the top of 44 stone steps is the main hall, and behind it to the right is the Daishido hall. The image of Kobo Daishi displayed within is also known as Anzan Daishi. The sacred chomeisugi cedar tree in the temple is 31 meters tall and measures six meters in circumference. At over 1,200 years old, it is thought to have been handplanted by Kobo Daishi himself, and is said to bring family safety, recovery from illness, and long life to those who touch it. The cedar has been designated a natural monument of Naruto City.

【Fee】Free to walk around the temple precinct
【Access】Approx. 20 min. walk from Awa-Kawabata Station on the JR Kotoku Line
【Credit Card Payment】Not accepted
【Foreign Language Support】No 【English Support During Workshops】No English speaking staff but English support is available
【Parking】Yes (40 cars; 6 buses) Lodging available



Postal Code
12 Hinokidannoue, Oasa-cho, Naruto, Tokushima Prefecture
9:00-15:30 (Prayer reception time)


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