Compare and Experience Tasting Fukui's Local Sake in Lacquered Glasses [Kubota Liquor Store]

Compare and Experience Tasting Fukui's Local Sake in Lacquered Glasses [Kubota Liquor Store]

Kubota Sake Store was established in 1914 and is your first stop for local Fukui sake in Sabae. The store also boasts a range of limited seasonal sakes such as the Born sake brewed in Sabae by Kato Kichibee Shoten and the Kuzuryu and Kokuryu sakes brewed by Kokuryu Sake Brewery in Eiheiji. The staff at Kubota are also happy to teach customers about food pairings, optimum temperature, and healthy ways to drink so that everybody can enjoy sake to the fullest. Sake helps people to grow closer and Japan's traditional sake culture is fiercely protected and passed on through the ages. The store owner and his wife are always pleased to greet new customers. Kubota Sake Store is also offering an original experience at the bar: the chance to compare regional sakes drunk from lacquered glasses. A chance to drink from special lacquered sake glasses created by famed Japanese glassware makers is rare, and you can experience Echizen lacquerware right here in Sabae. All regional sake included in the tasting experience were carefully selected by the owner of Kubota himself. Special lacquered sake glasses don't just look special; they also affect the taste of the sake when it enters the mouth. So why not try a sake tasting with a twist?



Minimum Number of Passengers
1 person
Maximum Capacity
8 participants
Participation Restrictions
Please refrain from having children under 6 years old and children under 12 years old who are not accompanied by a parent or guardian visit the workshop tour.
Meeting and Exchange Areas
Kubota Sake Store
1-1-4 Asahimachi, Sabae, Fukui Prefecture
Open Period
Closed Period
See the website
Meeting Times and Business Hours
Reservations taken up to 10 minutes in advance
Tour Schedule
Enjoy sake in a historic store, and have fun tasting and comparing Fukui's local sakes from lacquered glasses! <br>Junmai Sake Option<br>Junmai Sake Tasting, 2 cups + 1 snack<br>Daiginjo Option<br>Daiginjo Sake Tasting, 2 cups + 1 snack<br>Junmai Sake & Daiginjo Option<br>Junmai and Daiginjo Sake Tasting, 2 cups each + 2 snacks<br>You are able to purchase Fukui sake from the store after the tasting. (Purchases paid separately)
Required Time
Around 1 hour
Provision of Meals
Meals are provided
Universal accessibility
Not accessible (due to unpaved roads)
Not available
The tour may be canceled if the minimum number of participants is not reached or if weather conditions prevent the tour from taking place. If that is the case, our company will contact you the day before the event. In such instances, no refunds will be provided.
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