An Evening Noh Performance over Kobe’s Glittering Nightscape

An Evening Noh Performance over Kobe’s Glittering Nightscape

The Hall of Worship at Kitano Tenman Shrine, which offers panoramic night views of Kobe, will be converted into a Noh stage for you to enjoy a Takigi Noh performance in a magical atmosphere evoked by torches lit in the night.

Witness the excellence of true Japanese culture in the Kansai region, the reputed home of ironically Japanese traditions and essence. Take part in a custom-tailored tour to meet world-class artisans in exclusive spaces like never seen before.
There are many premium experiences waiting in Hyogo, from a private nighttime nohgaku performance at Kitano Tenman Shrine (the “shrine grove in the sky”), to a sake tasting tour in Japan’s best sake brewery region, Japan’s oldest entertainment geiko-asobi, and more. A one-night, two-day tour to visit the sources of Hyogo’s diverse culture.



Tour price
Starts at JPY 715,000 per person
Deadline for reservations
One month before your tour (based on demand, no guarantee)
Maximum one per month
Minimum number of participants
One person
Gathering/ending point
Shin-Kobe Station to Shin-Kobe Station
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