Festival Yamahoko Junko (Pre-Festival)

Festival Yamahoko Junko (Pre-Festival)

The main event of the Gion Festival is the procession of various elaborately designed yamahoko floats

The yamahoko floats are the main attraction of the Gion Festival. Yamahoko events begin during the Yoiyama (festival of preceding evenings) (Pre-Festival: July 14–16; Latter Festival: July 21–23), but the main event is the Yamahoko Junko float procession (Pre-Festival: July 17; Latter Festival: July 24). Among other events, Yasaka-jinja Shrine sponsors the Mikoshi Togyo (July 17th and July 24th) and Mikoshi Arai (July 10th and July 28th) ceremonies. On the three Yoiyama evenings, longstanding homes and shops display folding screens (byobu) and other treasures handed down through the ages, giving rise to the alternate name Byobu Festival. The Yamahoko Junko is also an opportunity to see floats decorated with various types of artworks that are designated important tangible folk-cultural properties as they make their way along the streets.

Gion Festival: A festival held to placate the god of pestilence and vengeful spirits of the dead. More than 1,150 years ago, a series of outbreaks of pestilence led to veneration of Gozu Tenno, and the performance of Goryo-e rites to appease the vengeful spirits. The Yamahoko Junko has existed in its present form for more than 750 years.


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