Gion Area

Gion Area

[The red-light district that represent Kyoto]
This large area is surrounded by the Yasaka Shrine (east side), the Kenninji Temple (south side), the Kamogawa River (west side) and Shinbashi-dori (north side). This is an amusement area including Minamiza, which is the oldest theater in Japan and is famous for "Kaomise" in which all-star Kabuki actors line up on the stage. Ryotei (traditional Japanese restaurants) and other restaurants line the street, and Geiko and Maiko can also be seen. The Miyako Odori, Kyoto style dance performance performed by Geiko and Maiko is held every April.

A short walk from Keihan Gion Shijo Stn
Gion bus stop by city bus from JR Kyoto Stn.Gion Area





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