Hotel Iya Onsen (Tokushima Prefecture): Discover Seclusion, Serenity, and Savory Delights at This Premier Hidden Gem

Hotel Iya Onsen (Tokushima Prefecture): Discover Seclusion, Serenity, and Savory Delights at This Premier Hidden Gem

The Iya Valley in Tokushima Prefecture is one of Japan's Three Great Hidden Valleys. This lush, deeply carved V-shaped valley is rich in natural beauty and home to legendary tales of the Heike clan's defeated warriors. Nestled within this secluded area is Iya Onsen, also renowned as one of Japan's Three Great Hidden Hot Springs. The allure of "hidden valleys" and "hidden hot springs" is irresistible, and with such prestigious titles, a visit is a must. Experience Japan's premier secluded valley and hot spring at this highly acclaimed and sought-after hotel.

A Hidden Inn in the Depths of Iya Valley

Established in 1972, five years after the hot spring was discovered, Hotel Iya Onsen is situated in one of the valley's most remote areas. This traditional inn offers a range of exceptional features: an open-air bath accessible by cable car, a large bathhouse with panoramic views of Iya Valley, elegantly decorated interiors and rooms, and seasonal local cuisine. With half a century of history, this venerable establishment continues to attract visitors with its modern updates, such as the renovated panoramic bathhouse and newly constructed terrace, offering a warm and inviting stay.

Unique Rooms for Ultimate Privacy

Hotel Iya Onsen offers 20 rooms, each with its own unique décor and ambiance. The "Cloud Suite Tamayura" features a private open-air bath and footbath, allowing guests to enjoy breathtaking valley views from the comfort of their room. Other options include rooms with open-air baths ("Aioi" and "Futarijime"), rooms with panoramic baths ("Sayoshigure" and "Kadenz"), and rooms with moon-viewing platforms ("Tsukishizuku"). Find the perfect room to suit your budget and preferences for an unforgettable stay.

Ride a Cable Car to the Open-Air Bath at the Valley Bottom!

One of the hotel's most distinctive features is its open-air bath, accessible by a cable car that descends 170 meters at a 42-degree angle over five minutes. This exhilarating journey offers stunning views of Iya Valley, enhancing the excitement. The open-air bath, with its rare self-flowing hot spring, is located at the bottom of the valley, providing a unique and thrilling experience.

Rejuvenate in Nature's Embrace

Arriving at the valley-bottom bath, guests can enjoy the rare self-flowing hot spring. The alkaline sulfur spring, with its silky, slightly viscous texture, gently exfoliates the skin. The 38.3°C water offers a "neutral thermal bath" experience, allowing for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation in the midst of nature. This therapeutic soak promises profound relaxation and revitalization.

Savor Exquisite Cuisine in a Hidden Retreat

After indulging in the hidden valley and hot springs, delight in the culinary offerings. The hotel's cuisine concept, "nutritious food Iya Japanese Cuisine," features seasonal ingredients from the abundant nature of Iya. Enjoy local delights such as mountain vegetables, Genpei potatoes, and thick shiitake mushrooms, as well as Tokushima's renowned "Awa beef" and "sudachi trout." The diverse lineup of dishes, paired with fine wine and local sake, promises a rich and satisfying dining experience.

New Facilities Enhance the Experience

In March 2021, two new facilities were introduced to celebrate the hotel's upcoming 50th anniversary. The renovated panoramic bathhouse "Cloud Swimming Heaven - SORA NO YU" offers breathtaking valley views through large windows, creating a picturesque scene. The newly constructed "Cloud Terrace," adjacent to the cable car station, provides a prime spot for capturing the valley's beauty. With these enhancements, Hotel Iya Onsen continues to be an irresistible destination.

Discover the unparalleled charm of Hotel Iya Onsen, where seclusion, serenity, and exquisite cuisine await in one of Japan's most beautiful hidden valleys.


Facility Information

name of facility
Hotel Iyaonsen
367-28 Matsuo Matumoto Ikeda-cho Miyoshi-shii, Tokushima Prefecture
business hour
regular holiday
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cash, AMEX,Dinners,JCB,MasterCard,Visa
+81 883-75-2311
Approximately 30 minutes by Shikoku Kotsu bus from JR Dosan Line Oboke Station, and get off at Iya Onsen-mae, 1 minute walk
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