Experience the spirit of prayer at the Shugendo Konpon Dojo

Experience the spirit of prayer at the Shugendo Konpon Dojo

Yoshino, Nara is one of the centers of religion in Japan — a place where the practice of Shugendo continues to thrive to this day, with practitioners devoting themselves to a life of prayer, repeatedly training in the heart of nature. By special invitation of the priests, we will be allowed to pay homage at the Kinpusen-ji Temple, the konpon dojo (head temple) of the Shugendo religion.

Witness the excellence of true Japanese culture in the Kansai region, the reputed home of ironically Japanese traditions and essence. Take part in a custom-tailored tour to meet world-class artisans in exclusive spaces like never seen before.
Here in Nara, The tour will start in Nara City - the old capital of Japan - and take you through the region where the spiritual roots of the Japanese people originated. Visit historical shrines and temples, and experience Nara’s specialties such as soy sauce and washi while deep diving into Japan’s history, religion, and culture.



Tour price
Starts at JPY 1,068,000 for a party of two.
Deadline for reservations
One month before the tour (based on demand, no guarantee)
Maximum one per month
Minimum number of participants
Two Person
Gathering/ending point
Nara Station / Yoshino Jingu Station
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