A soba restaurant located on the steep grade on the way to deep in the mountain which is a well-known famous place called Mt. Yoshino for cherry blossom viewing. The owner, Takashi Oya, after he trained himself to master professional skills to make soba in Togakushi of Nagano prefecture, he returned to his birth city, Yoshino, and opened the restaurant. The building of the restaurant was reformed from an old house, and this atmosphere makes you feel something nostalgic and comfortable space where you can enjoy freshly made soba using pure water from a world heritage site, Mt. Yoshino.

Soba is served with the condition of “Freshly made, freshly milled, and freshly boiled”, which is a characteristic that makes you feel piquant and rich in flavor. Dashi (soup stock) using pure water from Mt. Yoshino ensures the sweetness and flavor. The other ingredients are precisely selected, in which the powder of soba and hon-wasabi with high quality are sent from Shinsyu where Mr. Oya used to be trained. The other local foods from Nara are also strictly selected. You can enjoy their tastes when eating in Tempura.


You will enjoy the rich flavor and chewy taste of soba.
Reformed from an old house, this atmosphere gives you a comfortable space.
Located in the middle area of Mt. Yoshino.


Name in Japanese
Postal Code
2296 Yoshinoyama, Yoshinocho, Yoshinogun, Nara
Irregular holidays
11:00 am-5:00 pm (Once soba is sold out, the sale will end). *It varies depending on the season.
1,000 yen and up
Get on the Yoshino ropeway at the Yoshino station on the Kintetsu Yoshino line. Get off at the Yoshinoyama- sanjo station, and Walk 15 minutes.
Credit Cards
Not accepted
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)


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