Sumiyoshi Festival; Mikoshi Togyo Festival

Sumiyoshi Festival; Mikoshi Togyo Festival

The Sumiyoshi Festival, one of Osaka’s three major summer festivals, features the lively Mikoshi Arai and Mikoshi Togyo ceremonies

The Sumiyoshi Festival of Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine is one of Osaka’s Three Major Festivals, along with Ikutama-jinja Shrine’s Summer Festival and Osaka Tenmangu Shrine’s Tenjin Festival. The Sumiyoshi Festival aims to purify Osaka in its entirety, and as such since olden days it has also been called Oharai. Events include Mikoshi Arai on Marine Day in July, the Yoimiya-matsuri on July 30th, the Nagoshi-no-harae on the following day, and the Mikoshi Togyo on August 1st, in which a procession carries the gods of Sumiyoshi to Shukuin Tongu Shrine in Sakai.


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Take the Loop Line from JR Osaka Station to Shin-Imamiya Station; Transfer to the Nankai Line and get off at Sumiyoshitaisha Station, or transfer at Shin-Imamiya Station to the Hankai Line and get off at Sumiyoshitorii-mae

From within the city of Osaka it can be reached in less than 30 minutes, so lodging in Osaka is OK.
30 Jul 2022 - 1 Aug 2022


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