The Kurayoshi Utsubuki Festival

The Kurayoshi Utsubuki Festival

The Kurayoshi Utsubuki Festival is bustling with activity, with events such as the mitsuboshi (3 stars) dance, a parade of dashi floats, ushi-oni (cow-headed demons), portable mikoshi shrines carried by an all-women team, and hiten (heavenly beings) firework displays. The Hiten Fireworks Festival, held at the Hiten Yume Hiroba Plaza brings the Kurayoshi Utsubuki Festival to a glorious close. Nearly 4,000 fireworks illuminate the night sky with fabulous colors. The fireworks plaza also offers other on-stage events and even hilarious Tottori pro wrestling.


Event information

From Osaka or Kyoto, take the JR line and change trains at Himeji Station, then change trains again at Tottori Station, and exit the train at Kurayoshi Station - Approx. 4 hour 30 minute travel time (from Osaka)
6 Aug 2022 - 7 Aug 2022
* The 1st Saturday and Sunday in August


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