Mt. Yamato Katsuragi Hiking

Mt. Yamato Katsuragi Hiking

A hiking route in the south of Osaka, with the azalea of May a particular highlight

Mt. Yamato Katsuragi is located on the border separating Minamikawachi District in south Osaka and Gose City in western Nara. It has a total elevation of 959 meters, and lies within Kongo-Ikoma-Kisen Quasi-National Park. The mountain is particularly famous for its azalea around May, and hordes of people visit the azalea garden near the mountain's summit when they are in season. In autumn, the mountain's highlands are known for their crimson leaves and silvergrass. Hiking courses to the top are comparatively easy; a 6 km route takes around 2 hours 30 minutes, and leads to amazing views of the towns below.



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