Guided tour around Ine`s funaya and mondori experience

Guided tour around Ine`s funaya and mondori experience

Stroll around the streets of the funaya with a local guide. You can listen to the guide`s talks related the funaya, and about experiences of daily life that only someone living in this town knows. During the tour, you visit the inside of the funaya, and can see their unique construction in real life. By listening to the guide`s talks based on the daily lifestyle that you cannot know just by viewing from the outside, we hope that you will come to like the town of Ine even more. In addition, you can also experience the special Ine fishing method “mondori” which is performed regularly in this region. In the single sake distillery in Ine Mukai distillery, you can taste Japanese sake made with the shining sense of the female distiller.
There is also English interpretation available, so you can participate with peace of mind.

Time: Approx. 1 hour
Cost: Adults \2,200, Children (13-17 years old )\1,600 under age 12 years old\free
※Please participate in groups of at least 2 people.
※Prior reservation is necessary (up to 5 days before)



伊根町観光協会 0772-32-0277
year-round *day off:New Year's holiday season


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