Starting March 2022, Choryo Brew Park is now open! This park serves as a place to enjoy everything Choryo Shuzo brews, from sake to craft beer. In a building designed on a fusion of modern and traditional architecture, the park offers a taproom and shop corner on its first floor, as well as a tasting space on the second floor. The facility also has a spacious artificial lawn around it, as a place to enjoy a relaxing drink of sake on a bench. The taproom menu changes each week, with craft beer tasting sets, seasonal specialty menus, and more. Snacks are also available, such as dishes like Nara-zuke pickles that utilize sake lees and related ingredients, for a selection that fits sake and beer perfectly.



Minimum Number of Passengers
1 person
Maximum Capacity
100 participants
Participation Restrictions
Sake is not served to patrons under the age of 20
Meeting and Exchange Areas
Choryo Brew Park
7-1 Koryo Minami-cho, Kitakatsuragi District, Nara Prefecture
Open Period
Closed on certain days
Closed Period
Closed weekdays Monday to Friday, open weekends and holidays
Meeting Times and Business Hours
11:00 to 5:00 PM
Tour Schedule
Not available
Provision of Meals
Meals are provided
Open to meal requests
Not available
Universal accessibility
Wheelchair accommodations available
Available, 16 standard-sized vehicles, 1 large bus
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