Sake tasting at local breweries Kobe

Sake tasting at local breweries Kobe

A visit to sake breweries is a must when traveling to the Kansai region. Nada Ward in Kobe is the largest sake-producing area in Japan, known as Nadagogo, with approximately 30 breweries spanning a 24 km area. The history of sake brewing in this region dates back to around 1330. Nada's sake is so famous that it appears in classic rakugo storytelling, and Nada is blessed with various conditions suitable for sake brewing. The mineral-rich hard water called Miyamizu, the abundant production of Yamada Nishiki (known as the "king of brewers' rice"), and the cold "Rokko Oroshi" wind descending from Mt. Rokko provide an ideal climate for sake brewing. In this tour, participants are guided to 3 or 4 carefully selected breweries, where they can taste more than 15 different types of sake. A guide with extensive knowledge of sake and the Nada area will introduce you to the fascinating world of Japanese sake.



Minimum Number of Passengers
2 people
Maximum Capacity
8 people
Participation Restrictions
Limited to participants aged 20 and older since alcohol will be served.
Open Period
Required Time
3.5 hours
Provision of Meals
Meals are not provided
Open to meal requests
Universal accessibility
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