A relaxing snowshoe plan that you can enjoy

A relaxing snowshoe plan that you can enjoy

Safely experience the spectacular snows of the mountains! Beautiful scenery dappled with sunlight! Wear snow shoes to stroll easily through the pure white scenery. Snow shoes are tools that help you to walk on top of the snow. There’s no need for tricky walking techniques, even absolute beginners can learn snow shoes quickly. Try sliding down the snowy slope on your rear, or take a dive into soft, fresh snow! Take a break for tea time whenever you need! There's nothing like a hot drink in a snowy forest. Enjoy the beauty of snowy mountains!



Minimum Number of Passengers
2 participants
Maximum Capacity
10 participants
Participation Restrictions
Ages 6 and up
Meeting and Exchange Areas
Daisencho Tourist Information Center
45-5 Daisen, Daisen-cho, Saihaku District, Tottori Prefecture
Open Period
Closed on certain days
Closed Period
January to March
Meeting Times and Business Hours
Meet at 9:00 AM or 1:30 PM
Tour Schedule
Meet at the Tourism Center at the meeting time > Check gear > Try the snow shoes > Return to the Tourism Center and finish
Required Time
3 hours
Provision of Meals
Meals are not provided
Available. Space for 15 cars in front of Daisen Town Tourist Information Center The Tottori Prefectural Daisen Parking Lot is nearby. Free. Approx. 1,000 cars. Buses can park at the fourth parking lot.
Tour may be canceled due to heavy snow or inclement weather.
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