Life by Lake Biwa: Village of Harie Shozu no Sato “Kabata Tour”

Life by Lake Biwa: Village of Harie Shozu no Sato “Kabata Tour”

The clean spring water in the area is called “Shozu” (freshwater) by the locals, and they have long been using it as a precious commodity. “Kabata” (riverbank) is the name of the system in which canals circulate throughout the village, and its waters are used as household water supplies. Now, visitors from Japan and overseas can be seen in droves joining tours to see this water culture and the beautiful village landscape and to interact with locals. Harie-Syozu-no-Sato Committee organizes these Kabata tours so visitors can experience the bountiful nature surrounding Lake Biwa, living by the water, and the locals and perhaps even get a chance to re-examine their modern lifestyles. Local guides will accompany you and lead your tour of this community.


Life with Kabata

Life with Kabata (公社)びわ湖高島観光協会

Kabata culture and life forms

Kabata culture and life forms (公社)びわ湖高島観光協会

Harie-Okawa River

Harie-Okawa River (公社)びわ湖高島観光協会


Minimum Number of Passengers
1 people
Maximum Capacity
6 people
Participation Restrictions
Approximately a 1-hour walk around the village
Open Period
Closed Period
Closed over the Obon and New Year’s holidays
Meeting Times and Business Hours
Morning plan: 9:30 a.m./Afternoon plan: 1:00 p.m.
Tour Schedule
Meet at JR Shin-Asahi Station > Harie Kabata Tour > JR Shin-Asahi Station
Required Time
Around 3 hours
Provision of Meals
Meals are not provided
Universal accessibility
Not possible
Tour buses are not available (pickup and drop-off are possible nearby. Use of the parking lot requires consultation) 10 vehicles


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