See a Master “Echizen” Papermaker’s Craft Unfold Before Your Eyes

See a Master “Echizen” Papermaker’s Craft Unfold Before Your Eyes

Visit the workshop of Echizen Washi artisan Ichibe Iwano (a living national treasure) and observe how washi paper is made. This exclusive tour allows you to hear directly from the artisan himself about his passion for making washi.

Witness the excellence of true Japanese culture in the Kansai region, the reputed home of ironically Japanese traditions and essence. Take part in a custom-tailored tour to meet world-class artisans in exclusive spaces like never seen before.
Here in Fukui, you will meet traditional craftsmen with outstanding skills. A private tea ceremony while admiring superbly tended gardens and the chance to glimpse the world of Zen trainee monks are just some of the out-of-the-ordinary only-in-Fukui experiences that await you.



Tour Price
Starts at JPY 358,000 per person
Deadline for reservations
Three month before the tour (based on demand, no guarantee)
Maximum one per month
Minimum number of participants
Two people
Gathering/ending point
Obama Station/Takefu Station
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