Private Echizen Washi Paper Making Experience and Walking Tour

Private Echizen Washi Paper Making Experience and Walking Tour

Imadate—The Echizen washi paper town with a 1,500-year history. It is said that many years ago, one beautiful woman came down from the mountains and taught the locals in the village how to make washi paper, and that was how Echizen paper came to be. Join this tour for a walk around town in Imadate and stop by two Japanese paper-making workshops, Ryozo’s Paper Mill and Oda Washi. Ryozo’s Paper Mill is home to Kyoko Yanase, a designated traditional draftsperson and the third head of the paper mill and several other women artisans. They are a paper mill that mainly makes kakegami used by traditional sweet shops and wrapping paper. Ryozo’s Paper Mill continues to welcome visitors for its paper-making experiences and workshop tours to spread the word about Echizen paper. Oda Washi is a paper-making workshop with a history that goes back more than a century. While they specialize in making oversized Washi paper, they also create original products such as trinkets and accessories you may find yourself wanting to use in your daily life. Not only will you get to see the actual sites where Washi paper is made, this tour will also take you to a charming shop on the premises where you can see trinkets made by Oda Washi using Washi paper.



Minimum Number of Passengers
2 participants
Maximum Capacity
4 participants
Participation Restrictions
Please refrain from having children under 6 years old and children under 12 years old who are not accompanied by a parent or guardian visit the workshop tour.
Meeting and Exchange Areas
Echizen Chiyozuru Museum, Echizen Knifemakers' Association facility
48-6-1 Ikenokami-cho, Echizen-shi, Fukui Prefecture
Open Period
Closed Period
See the website
Meeting Times and Business Hours
Tour Schedule
9:30 a.m./2:00 p.m. Udatsu Craft Center, Echizen Washi Village (Meet at the designated time and location) Tour orientation (time required: about 10 minutes) > 9:40 a.m./2:10 p.m. Walk to Ryozo’s Paper Mill (time required: about 10 minutes) > 9:50 a.m./2:20 p.m. Visit Ryozo's Paper Mill workshop (time required: about 40 minutes) > 10:30 a.m./3:00 p.m. Visit Ryozo's Paper Mill shop (time required: about 20 minutes) > 10:50 a.m./3:20 p.m. Enjoy the view as we walk to Oda Washi (time required: about 10 minutes) > 11:00 a.m./3:30 p.m. Visit Oda Washi’s workshop (time required: about 40 minutes) > 11:40 a.m./4:10 p.m. Visit Oda Washi’s shop (time required: about 20 minutes) > 12:00 p.m./4:30 p.m. Visit Okamoto–Otaki Shrine (time required: about 30 minutes) > 12:30 p.m./5:00 p.m. Tour ends and participants are free to go
Required Time Around
3 hours
Provision of Meals
Meals are not provided
Open to meal requests
No answer as no meals are included
Universal accessibility
Not accessible (due to unpaved roads)
The tour may be canceled if the minimum number of participants is not reached or if weather conditions prevent the tour from taking place. If that is the case, our company will contact you the day before the event. In such instances, no refunds will be provided.
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