Katsuura Port Nigiwai Market

Katsuura Port Nigiwai Market

Nachi-Katsuura town in Wakayama Prefecture, known as a “World Heritage Site and hot springs town,” is also well-known as the “Tuna Town,” with the Katsuura fishing port where fresh-caught tuna from the Kumano-nada Sea, one of Japan’s best fishing grounds, is landed. Katsuura Fishing Port has long used an environmentally friendly longline fishing method that catches only mature fish. Unlike regular tuna, fresh tuna is never frozen and thawed, so you can enjoy the original flavor and elasticity of the tuna.

The Katsuura fishing port has its own "Nigiwai Market.” The market has a variety of restaurants where you can enjoy fresh tuna sushi and other fresh tuna dishes, as well as noodles, game meat cuisine, and other delicacies from the Nachi-Katsuura sea and mountains. Visitors can also watch a "fresh tuna cutting show" at the facility's event space in the back. With the addition of other snack and souvenir shops, visitors can fully enjoy the Nachi-Katsuura delicacies here.

Visitors can enjoy their purchases at the rest area, which includes a wooden deck overlooking the sea, so be sure to stop by not only for a meal, but also to pick up souvenirs and relax after a day of sightseeing.


The wooden dining area with a view of the ocean.
Katsuura delicacies are ideal for souvenirs.
Visitors can watch the "fresh tuna cutting show" at the event space.


Name in Japanese
勝浦漁港 にぎわい市場
Postal Code
7-12 Tsukiji, Nachikatsuuracho, Higashimurogun, Wakayama
Business Hours
8:00am-4:00pm (The last order at restaurants is at 3:30pm)
Varies by store
About 4 minutes on foot from JR Kii-Katsuura Station on the Kisei Line.
Credit Cards
Varies by store
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)


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