Lake Biwa Otsu Biwakoi Festival

Lake Biwa Otsu Biwakoi Festival

Otsu’s summer festival, a mixture of tradition and modern culture.

Newly started in 2016, this festival offers colorful flair to summer in Otsu. In addition to the traditional goshu ondo dance that originated in Shiga Prefecture, Otsu has introduced an array of new performances to the festival for the sake of variety, including a bon dance and live music on the Goshu Music Stage. The festival has become a diverse inter-generational mixing of cultures that both young and old can enjoy. On the day of the festival, vendors also set up many stalls where visitors can sample delicious foods and sweets.


Event information

Take the JR line from Kyoto Station and get off at Otsu Station - Approx. 30-minute travel time.
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