Ako Gishi Festival

Ako Gishi Festival

Travel back to a world depicted in the picture scrolls of the Genroku era

The Ako Gishi Festival is held on December 14 in Ako City, Hyogo Prefecture, to commemorate the raids conducted by the Ako Gishi (the loyal samurai of Ako). The greatest spectacle of the festival is the Chushingura Parade. The parade includes a brass band made up of elementary school children from the city, sword battles, and Ako Gishi maidens dressed up as princesses pulled through the streets in rickshaws. In addition, there is a daimyo’s procession, a parade of people playing the roles of those connected to the legend of Chushingura (the story of the 47 ronin), dashi floats depicting famous Chushingura scenes such as the attack inside Edo Castle and the site of the vengeful raid, and a procession of the loyal samurai, with participants playing the parts of the 47 ronin returning triumphantly to Sengaku-ji Temple. It’s as if the world of a Genroku-ra picture scroll has come to life. (The exact details of the festival may be subject to change.)


Event information

Take the JR line from Osaka or Kyoto station and get off at Banshu-Ako Station - Approx. 2-hour travel time (from Osaka)
14 Decenber every year


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