Doburoku Festival

Doburoku Festival

Doburoku, a raw unrefined sake, is brewed for the annual festival in Omori Shrine and offered to the people coming to pray there after the Shinto ritual, filling tipsy mood in the ground surrounded by Japanese cedar trees and a clear stream. Preparation of Doburoku begins by the shrine’s parishioners a month before the festival to thank the God for the good harvest of rice and pray for the rich harvest in next year. There are few areas in Tokai area other than Ise Jingu Shrine and Shirakawago in Hida district, Gifu Prefecture where Doburoku production as an Omiki (Sacred sake) for Shinto rituals is permitted.


Event information

Take a local train of JR West Line from Osaka Station to Tsuruhashi Station. Transfer to Kintetsu Osaka Line on the Limited Express for Kashikojima. At Matsusaka Station, transfer to JR Kisei Honsen Line on the Limited Express Wideview Nanki for Kiikatsuura. Approx. 4 hours to reach Kumanoshi Station.
23 Nov 2023


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