Owase Ya Ya Matsuri

Owase Ya Ya Matsuri

The regular festival of Owase Shrine is commonly known as Ya Ya Matsuri which has been said to derive from “Ya Ya Warekosowa...” that means “I am such a person...” when a samurai (soldier) gives his name in a battle. Back to the Sengoku period, jizamurai (local samurai) Shoji, Naka, and others wanted to pass on the triumph in a battle relying on the fortune of war of Owase Shrine’s Okami from generation to generation. Then, Ya Ya Matsuri began by combining Shinto rituals like a regular festival, a Japanese Daikyu long bow ceremony performed since Kamakura period, and rituals mostly conducted by the parishioners to attract people. The highlight points are people parading through the street, Daimyo procession, and dancing with hands.


Event information

Take a local train of JR West Line from Osaka Station to Tsuruhashi Station. Transfer to Kintetsu Osaka Line on the Limited Express for Kashikojima. At Matsusaka Station, transfer to JR Kisei Honsen Line on the Limited Express Wideview Nanki for Kiikatsuura. Approx. 4 hours to reach Owase Station.
Held annually from February 1 to February 5


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