Meotoiwa-oshimenawa-shinji (Springtime)

Meotoiwa-oshimenawa-shinji (Springtime)

Futamiokitama Shrine enshrines Sarutahikookami, the God of Excavation. Associated with the God, Meotoiwa (Husband and wife rocks) serves as a Torii (Shrine gate) to the shrine at which people would pray to Okitamashinseki spiritual boulders sunken into the sea off the coast about 700m of Meotoiwa, and Hinoookami. Each of 5 Oshimenawa (Sacred straw rope) weighs 40kg, 10cm thick, and 35m long. Shrine parishioners hang Oshimenawa between the male and female boulders at Meotoiwa after the purification ritual. Visitors to worship can also participate in rituals by circulating the ropes from person to person from the approach.


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Take a local train of JR West Line from Osaka Station to Tsuruhashi Station. Transfer to Kintetsu Osaka Line on the Limited Express for Kashikojima. At Iseshi Station, transfer to JR Sangu Line for Toba on a local train. Approx. 2.5 hours to reach Futamiura Station.
May 5 and September 5 and Saturdays and Sundays around mid-December every year


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