Kinosaki Onsen - Onsen Festival

Kinosaki Onsen - Onsen Festival

The Onsen Festival is an announcement of spring, and is held alongside the memorial ceremony for the priest Dochi Shonin, who is said to be the founder of Kinosaki Onsen. During the festival, there are prayers for the continued gushing forth of the hot spring waters and of the prosperity of Kinosaki Onsen, as well as for the safety of the bathers who visit there. In addition, there are gorgeous parades of classically dressed participants and children.


Event information

Take the JR line from Osaka or Kyoto station, and get off at Kinosaki Station - Approx. 3-hour-10-minute travel time (from Osaka)
23 Apr 2022 - 24 Apr 2022
April 23 to 24


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