Awa Odori

Awa Odori

One of Japan’s three major Bon Odori festivals, where you can enjoy dancing to the exclusion of all else

The Awa Odori is one of Japan’s three major Bon Odori festivals, and one of the three major festivals in Shikoku. The dance is a traditional Japanese art form with a history of approximately 400 years. “Awa Odori” is a common name for the Urabon dances that take place in various parts of Tokushima Prefecture, with the name coming into general use during the early Showa period. Shamisen, taiko drums, small gongs, shinobue (a transverse flute made of bamboo) and other instruments accompany the dance in a two-beat rhythm as the dance group (ren) dances in procession.

Urabon: A set of ceremonies and customs based on a mixture of Chinese folk beliefs, ancestor worship and Buddhist memorial services. In Japan, it is celebrated for four days from August 13th to the 16th. Also called “O-bon.”


Event information

From Osaka or Kyoto: Take the JR line via Takamatsu Station and get off at Tokushima Station; Takes approximately 3 hours (from Osaka)
12 Aug 2024 - 15 Aug 2024
前夜祭 (アスティとくしま)
有料演舞場 (藍場浜、南内町)
無料演舞場 (両国本町、新町橋)
おどり広場等 (新町橋東、両国橋南、アミコドーム、シビックセンターさくらホール)


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