Ishiyama-dera Temple Sennichi-e Festival

Ishiyama-dera Temple Sennichi-e Festival

Temple Festival for Kannon

Sennichi means “1,000 days”, and it is said that if you pay respect to the goddess Kannon at Ishiyama-dera Temple during the Sennichi-e Festival, the goddess will give you 1,000 days of blessing. A great many people visit the temple as part of a memorial service, where around 1,000 votive lanterns are placed all around the temple grounds, and wooden grave tablets memorializing ancestors and the deceased are suspended from the lanterns.


Event information

Take the JR line from Kyoto Station and get off at Ishiyama Station on the JR Biwako Line, then take a bus to Ishiyamadera Sanmon-mae bus stop - Approx. 1-hour travel time.
9 Aug 2022


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