Kurama Fire Festival

Kurama Fire Festival

Torches and portable shrines illuminate the evening in Kurama

The Kurama Fire Festival is one of three strange festivals in Kyoto, the others being the Yasurai Festival of Imamiya-jinja Shrine and the Ushi Festival of Koryu-ji Temple. Yuki-jinja Shrine on Mt. Kurama has been associated with Tengu legends since olden times. At Yuki-jinja Shrine, a procession recreating the relocation of a deity to Kurama is carried out. Bequeathed to the present is this annual festival, which is among Japan’s three major fire festivals. In various places around the community bonfires are set, and participants carrying two kinds of halberds, ropes of portable shrines and torches parade in the direction of the Sanmon (mountain gate).

Tengu legends: Tengu are legendary creatures that, according to Japanese folklore, are said to be gods or yokai (supernatural creatures). They are also said to take the form of yamabushi (mountain priests), to be red-faced with prominent noses, and to have wings enabling them to soar through the skies.


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Take the Kurama Line of the Eizan Electric Railway from Demachiyanagi Station to Kurama Station; Takes approximately 30 minutes
Held annually on October 22
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