A traditional mid-autumn event for enjoying the full moon in Nankin-machi

Kobe’s Nankin-machi conveys many traditional events of China. In China, it has long been the practice for family members to gather around the dining table at Chushusetsu (mid-autumn moon festival) and enjoy a meal as a harmonious family, using round eating utensils to represent a full moon. Another custom during this period is to give geppei mooncakes to friends or people who have supported you. For this reason, mooncakes are absolutely essential to the Chushusetsu. These customs can be enjoyed at the Chushusetsu in Nankin-machi.

Chushusetsu: An occasion for admiring the moon, celebrating the autumnal harvest and paying respect to the gods, held on the night of the 15th day of the 8th month (according to the old lunisolar calendar). At this time of the year the full moon is at its roundest and, for that reason, considered to be at its most beautiful.


Event information

From Osaka or Kyoto: Take the JR line to Kobe Station; Takes approximately 30 minutes
Mid-September to mid-October (Around the 15th day of the 8th month of the old lunar calendar)
Please see the official website for the detailed schedule.
Official website

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