Mt. Hiei Hiking

Mt. Hiei Hiking

Mt. Hiei is one of Japan's mountains that are considered sacred to Buddhists and it offers fantastic views of Japan's largest lake, Lake Biwa, from its peak. In addition to Enryaku-ji Temple, a World Heritage Site, there are numerous other small temples scattered throughout the mountain. In addition to the so-called pilgrim's path from the Kyoto side of the mountain, from the Lake Biwa side, hikers can take a course which journeys part of the sennichi kaihogyo route—an ascetic practice in which monks circle the mountain for 1,000 days. There are numerous other routes from the top of the mountain, as well as those that wind through flower gardens and lead to stunning views. The mountain is magnificent in any season.

[Access] Please check the website in advance
[Fee] Free (However, separate fees apply to those who wish to enter the temples and collect temple seals)



Kyoto-shi, Otsu-shi *Map shows the trailhead for the sennichi kaihogyo route
Open all-year round
Open all-year round


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