Entsuji Pupeet Drama

Entsuji Pupeet Drama

1 Feb 2022

A puppet drama performed to the local music ganriki-bushi

Originated in the late Edo period. This drama's uniqueness lies in the vibrant movements of each doll manipulated by three puppeteers to the music of ganriki-bushi performed by a quartet of sung narrative, shamisen, Chinese fiddle and a drum. The troupe owns about twenty puppets. The drama opens with Sankichi-deko, the dance of a beautiful princess. Signature works include the Daikoku-mai celebratory dance and Hirai Gonpachi, a period play based on an incident that happened in Tottori during the Edo period.

Videos of tottori puppet theater

Tottori-shi Entsuji Puppet Drama Center

irregular(Only when it is reserved)
903 Entsuji, Tottori-shi, Tottori 680-1144

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