My Tottori Love Story (A Tottori Prefecture Tourism Video)

5 Jun 2020

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Carl, an English teacher living in Tottori City, enjoyed his daily work at an English conversation school; however, the implementation of measures to limit the spread of coronavirus forced the closure of his school, and he found himself out of work. These days, determined to stay in the land he loves, he makes a living working from home by teaching an online conversation course to students from all across Japan.

One of these students, a career woman at a major advertising agency in Tokyo named Mayumi, feels herself drawn to Carl's magnetic personality and, though she generally dislikes traveling, the charming notion of Tottori he frequently describes. During a class discussion held shortly after the relaxation of travel restrictions between prefectures, remembering how Carl had once told her that she'd love the Tottori Sand Dunes, she tests this invitation by saying that she'd like to visit Tottori. Without missing a beat, Carl replies that he'd gladly welcome her, but on the condition that she only use English while staying in Tottori.

Carl feels confident that a trip to the Tottori Sand Dunes and the Sand Museum will more than satisfy Mayumi's desire for a getaway; further, with such excellent access and no need for Japanese to enjoy them, he's sure Mayumi will fall in love with Tottori…

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