SUP (single person) & Big SUP experience

SUP (single person) & Big SUP experience

Grab a board and paddle and head out into the seas and rivers of Wakayama. Although it will be difficult to keep your balance at first, the instructor will teach you well. Since the lesson will be conducted in a place that's safe even for novice paddlers, you can enjoy yourself as though you're taking a walk on the water's surface. We all occasionally lose our balance and fall into the water, and laughing at those moments will make for great memories. There will even be types of standup paddleboards (SUP) available that are rare to see Japan, such as large SUPs for multiple riders and bicycle-type SUPs.



Meeting and Exchange Areas

1030-90 Wasa, Hidakagawa Town, Hidaka District
Open Period
Closed on certain days
Provision of Meals
Meals are not provided
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