Walk around the retro Mikuni Minato (port town) in Kimono

Walk around the retro Mikuni Minato (port town) in Kimono

Wear a kimono and enjoy a walk around Mikuni Minato, where old townscapes remain from the area's history of prosperity due to trade during the Edo period



Minimum Number of Passengers
2 participants
Maximum Capacity
10 participants
Meeting and Exchange Areas
Mikuni Minato Merchant House Museum
4-6-55 Kita-honmachi, Mikunicho, Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture
Open Period
Closed on certain days
Closed Period
Closed Wednesdays (open on national holidays), New year's holidays, May 20, August 11
Meeting Times and Business Hours
Kimono dressing from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Please return the kimono by 4:30 PM.
Required Time
Kimono dressing: 20 minutes + however long it takes to pick out your kimono
Provision of Meals
Meals are not provided
Located in front of the Mikuni branch of the Sakai City Commerce and Industry Association
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