Kelp Sheet Grating Experience

Kelp Sheet Grating Experience

Tsuruga has long been a bustling container port on a major route for ships transporting food items and materials from Hokkaido and Tohoku to Kyoto and Osaka. Kelp was an item in the highest demand in the past, and the skills of the craftsmen are still passed down in Tsuruga today. Tsuruga is a leading kelp processing area in Japan, accounting for around 80% of the country’s production of hand-cut shredded kelp. The skills of the craftsmen in Tsuruga are the foundation of the city’s industry. You can visit to experience the art of hand-shredding kelp as taught by a skilled craftsman.



Minimum Number of Passengers
8 participants
Maximum Capacity
20 participants (more than 20 people is possible, depending on the number of craftsmen)
Participation Restrictions
Elementary school students and older
Meeting and Exchange Areas
Fukui Prefecture Kelp Industrial Cooperative 2F
8-1 Horaicho, Tsuruga-shi, Fukui
Open Period
Closed Period
We might not be able to accommodate your request during the New Year’s and the Obon holidays.
Meeting Times and Business Hours
Requires consultation
Tour Schedule
<Example> Arrive at the Fukui Prefecture Kelp Industrial Cooperative > Listen to an explanation on history (around 10 minutes) > Watch a demonstration by a craftsman (around 10 minutes) > Experience processing and tasting (around 50 minutes) > Buy commemorative goods (around 10 minutes) > Take photos with the craftsman (around 5 minutes)
Required Time
Around 1.5 hours
Provision of Meals
Meals are not provided
Open to meal requests
Requires consultation
Universal accessibility
Requires consultation
Requires consultation
The venue may change depending on the number of participants in the experience
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