A journey to Sabae, the mecca of glasses. Order a custom eyeglass straight from a craftsman

A journey to Sabae, the mecca of glasses. Order a custom eyeglass straight from a craftsman

Mr. Narito Takeuchi is a glasses expert working at a frame factory for Sun Optical. He’s involved in making glasses from the very first design, and for everything from everyday dressy glasses to more artistic pairs. His work has been exhibited overseas and he has amassed a decent fan base. This activity allows you to order your very own personalized frames while talking to Mr. Takeuchi. Mr. Takeuchi is passionate about his craft, wanting nothing but to deliver his own glasses to people who want them. The activity allows you to enjoy a casual conversation with Mr. Takeuchi while you create your glasses together.



Minimum Number of Passengers
1 person
Maximum Capacity
4 participants *However, only one order can be submitted.  Up to three people can accompany you on the tour, for which there will be a charge of 1,300 yen per person payable on-site.
Meeting and Exchange Areas
802-5 Sugimotocho, Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture
Open Period
Closed Period
See the website
Meeting Times and Business Hours
Reservations taken up to 10 minutes in advance
Required Time Around
2 hours
Provision of Meals
Meals are not provided
Open to meal requests
No answer as no meals are included
Universal accessibility
Not accessible (due to unpaved roads)
The tour may be canceled if the minimum number of participants is not reached or if weather conditions prevent the tour from taking place. If that is the case, our company will contact you the day before the event. In such instances, no refunds will be provided.
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