Get an inside look into the production of the famous Kiyomizu-ware Pottery – Kyoto UNRAKU-gama

Get an inside look into the production of the famous Kiyomizu-ware Pottery – Kyoto UNRAKU-gama

【Name of facility】
Kyoto UNRAKU-gama

【Introduction, descriptions, and contents of activities】
UNRAKU-gama is a pottery studio located in Kiyomizu-yaki Danchi in Kyoto, near the Kiyomizu Temple in an area famous for the Kiyomizu style of pottery. In 1961, for the first time UNRAKU-gama incorporated an electric kiln for high-temperature firing, which resulted in the highly-praised "Aomatto" glaze with unprecedented strength and beautiful textures. The UNRAKU-gama workshop offers vitiors a unique opportunity to view various pottery styles and to see advanced techniques demonstrated by experienced artisans.

【Information provider】
Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry

15minutes by taxi from JR Kyoto Station or Yamashina Station (1200~1800yen)

【Availability in multiple languages】
No(an interpreter required)

【Available languages】

【Price range】
Under 3000yen

【Price for adult(Unit: yen)】
From 1200 yen

【Included in fare】
Materials (incl. food ingredients); cultural experience

On the spot

【Creditcard payment】

【Methods of reservation】
Reservation online; reservation by email required for groups

【Methods of cancelation】
Cancelation online

【Conditions of resservation and cancelation】
Cancelation on the day: 100%, cancelation on the previous day: 50%, cancelation on two days before or earlier: 0%

【Minimum number of participants】

【Maximum number of participantse】
Maximum of 25 people per group, a large group with more than 25 people will be divided into small groups

【Conditions of participation】
Sensible people with common sense

【Time required】
Short day trip (Half day)



Postal Code
9-2,Kawata Kiyomizuyaki Danchi-cho,Yamashina-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Please do not contact by telephone , please contact by email:
[information such as regular holidays ]
Open all year
Workshops by 14:00, observations by 15:30


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