Experience Tate-Do - Japan Tate-Do Association

Experience Tate-Do - Japan Tate-Do Association

【Name of facility】
Japan Tate-do Association

【Introduction, descriptions, and contents of activities】
Take part in Samurai and Ninja training led by Tate (theatrical sword fighting) professionals.
Here, you can experience the spirit and movements of Samurai as they have been passed down until today. After choosing your favorite costume from more than 100 options, you will begin your training with Seiza (sitting upright with legs tucked under you) and Rei (bowing) as well as learn how to grip a sword, assume basic combat postures and sword fight. At the end, you will also engage in a theatrical sword fight based on a scene from your favorite movie or other scenario of your choosing. All participants will leave feeling empowered like a real-life Samurai thanks to the excellent sound effects and professional co-actors responding to your every move.

【Information provider】
Japan Tate-do Association

1 min walk from Yotsubashi Station on the Osaka Municipal Subway Yotsubashi Line.

【Availability in multiple languages】
Yes (incl. written materials)

【Available languages】

【Price range】
Under 5001-10000yen

【Price for adult(Unit: yen)】
6,000 (Fees for costumes and commemorative pictures differ depending on the course.)

【Included in fare】
Costs such as costume and memorial picture depend on courses.

Advance payment(Creditcard)

【Creditcard payment】

【Methods of reservation】
Online: email to info@nihontatedokyokai.com

【Methods of cancelation】
Online: email to info@nihontatedokyokai.com

【Conditions of resservation and cancelation】
Reservation required by 10 am on the preceding day.
Minimum number of 2 guests to apply.
Please make reservations for groups of 16 guests or more at least 1 week in advance.

【Time required】
Short day trip (Half day)



Postal Code
Imai Bldg. 3rd Floor1-1-27 Kitahorie, Nishi Ward,Osaka,Osaka
[information such as regular holidays ]
Hours differ depending on the course.


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