Go Logging with a 25-Year Veteran of the Forestry Industry!

Go Logging with a 25-Year Veteran of the Forestry Industry!

A special experience that allows participants to try their hand at forestry work in an area usually closed to the public, under the supervision of a professional forester.
Participants will travel from the station with a tour guide-interpreter by bus to the forest, where they will have lunch. After lunch, participants will learn about the rope work involved in logging before witnessing the exhilarating moment a tree is felled. Afterwards, participants will be able to have a go at log cutting themselves with the tree they saw cut down.

Available: April to October
Minimum no. of participants: 4
Available spaces: 4–8 participants
Target: Children and adults aged 6 to 80

A tour guide-interpreter who is knowledgeable about the area and who has extensive experience in safety management will accompany participants to the forestry site.
Badly managed mountains have an adverse effect on the sea, and in turn rural villages.
Spend time with a lumberjacking husband and wife team who are trying to create a sustainable natural environment and learn how to make effective use of the mountain's resources.
Enjoy a special lunch in the forest made from locally sourced ingredients.
Walk the forest roads and use your senses to fully savor the atmosphere of Japanese mountains.
Try your hand at the kind of rope work used in logging.
Witness the exhilarating moment a tree is felled.
Cut the trunk of the tree that has just been chopped down.



21 Mar 2020


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