Oboke and Koboke Gorges

Oboke and Koboke Gorges

These approximately 8-kilometer long gorges have been carved out by the rapid currents of the Yoshino River, which cuts through the Shikoku mountain range, over a period of 200 million years. They resemble towering marble sculptures and present a stunning landscape. There are two theories as to the origin of their names: One is that they derive from an old Japanese term meaning “cliff,” while the other suggests that they relate to how dangerous it is to walk along the gorges using long and short strides. The magnificent rocks and V-shaped valley of the Oboke Gorge make for one of the few places in Japan where visitors can see up-close how the Japanese islands were formed. On March 18, 2014, the area was designated as a national natural monument, and on October 7, 2015, as a national site of scenic beauty.

【Fee】Free to visit
【Access】Approx. 30 min. walk to Oboke Gorge or approx. 1 hour walk to Koboke Gorge from JR Oboke Station; approx. 5-15 min. by car from JR Oboke Station
【Foreign Language Support】No 【Parking】Yes



Postal Code
Nishiu, Yamashiro-cho, Miyoshi, Tokushima Prefecture
Oboke Iya Navi 0120-404-344


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