Sanko Yumeminato Tower

Sanko Yumeminato Tower

Sanko Yumeminato Tower was built in 1997 as a symbol of the Sanin Yumeminato Expo. Also known as Japan Expo Tottori '97, the event was held from July 12 to September 28, 1997. The tower's outer walls are completely glass-paned, and steel pillars and rings create a white frame in a complex pattern. It is an impressive sight. The unique structure applies the principle of tensegrity, and employs a large amount of laminated cedar wood from Nichinan Town, Tottori Prefecture. With this material, the tower provides visitors with a gentle, warm welcome. Rising 43 meters into the air in the city of Sakaiminato, this landmark tower contains a variety of commercial facilities.

[Fee] Adults (High school students and above): 300 yen; Children (Elementary and junior high school students): 150 yen; Preschool: Free
[Access] Public transport: Hama Loop Bus from JR Sakaiminato Station (34 min.), and a short walk from the Yume Minato Tower/Sakaiminato Fish Center bus stop
By car: Approx. 30 min. (15 km) along National Route 431 from Yonago IC on the Yonago Expressway
[Credit Card Payment] Accepted
[Foreign Language Support] Yes [Parking] Yes (300 spaces)



Postal Code
255-3 Takenouchi Danchi, Sakaiminato City, Tottori Prefecture
9:00-18:00 (9:00-17:00 from October-March)
Tower's Café 10:00-16:00
Every second Wednesday of the month (café and tower closed on Wednesdays)
*Or the following day if a public holiday


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