Nagara Crafts Pavilion - Mitsuhashi Setsuko Art Museum

Nagara Crafts Pavilion - Mitsuhashi Setsuko Art Museum

[A space with a gorgeous setting for appreciating and creating art and crafts.]
The Nagara area has been celebrated over the centuries for its outstanding beauty and seasonal changes , and Nagara Park ,established in 1903 on the slope of Mt. Nagara, is a popular site for cherry blossom viewing. The Nagara Craft Pavilion opened in the park in 1995 as a place for the general public to practice arts and crafts. Part of the facility is a museum that conserves and displays the paintings of Setsuko Mitsuhashi,whose life and art were deeply connected to the Nagara area. After losing her good arm when a tumor was removed in 1973, Ms. Mitsuhashi continued painting with her left hand and completed such works as"Hanaore-toge" (Hanaore Pass) and "Mii no Bansho" (Curfew at Mii) before she passed away in 1975 aged 35.

[Admission Fee]
320yen for abults, 240yen for high school and university students, 160yen for middle and elementary school students (group)discourts avail-able)

20 minutes walk from JR Otsu Station( Biwako Line from Kyoto Station)



Postal Code
1-1 Kozeki-cho, Otsu, Shiga
9:00-17:00(entry until 16:30)
Monday (exced on a public holiday,in which case it will be closed the folowing day) and the day after a public holiday (except Sunday, in which case it is open)


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