Discover More! Virtually Explore Famous Kansai Spots! Vol. 2

Discover More! Virtually Explore Famous Kansai Spots! Vol. 2

13 Jun 2024

The KANSAI Guide

In our previous volume, we introduced some must-see spots in Hyogo Prefecture through virtual tours. This time, we're excited to bring you a selection of 360-degree and VR videos that let you enjoy other famous spots across Kansai from the comfort of your home.
Kansai is home to numerous attractions that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. Whether you're planning a future trip and want to do some research, are unable to visit but eager to learn more, or simply want to get a taste of the atmosphere, these videos are perfect for you.
The more you watch, the more you'll want to experience these incredible places in person. Dive into these immersive videos and let Kansai's charm captivate you!

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Kyoto's Lake Biwa Canal VR Former Imperial Palace Water Pump Station [Photogrammetry]

Kyoto's Lake Biwa Canal [360°Virtual Tour]

Kobe's Mt. Rokko Modernization Heritage VR Maya Kanko Hotel [Photogrammetry]

Maya Kanko Hotel [360°Virtual Tour]

Rokko Sanso [360°Virtual Tour]

Kobe Municipal Foreign Cemetery [360°Virtual Tour]

Ikuno Silver Mine & Ikuno Town VR Kusaka Ryokan [Photogrammetry]

Kusaka Ryokan [360°Virtual Tour]

Former Kaizaki Clinic [360°Virtual Tour]

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