Wachi Puppet Theater

Wachi Puppet Theater

1 Feb 2022

Solo puppeteers, original scripts

Origins date to the late Edo period when people in Ohsako village manipulated simple puppets for entertainment during the agricultural off-season. It is characterized by larger puppets manipulated by solo puppeteers. They excel at performing themes dealing with a sense of moral obligation and human compassion. The signature play is Chorogoe Setsugino Homare based on this region's dictated oral tradition. They also cultivate successors through club activities at local elementary and junior high schools.

Kansai Puppet Drama

Wachi Traditional arts Center

Fourth Saturday every month 13:30~15:00
Admission fee
Adults& High school student 300yen、Children 100yen
11 mojiri sakaharaue kyotanba-cho funai-county kyoto

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