Exclusive Expeditions (Videos)

1 Dec 2022

The KANSAI Guide

Come and see the intersection of masterful, world-class artisans as they share their craft in idyllic spaces, now available online via our platform of luxury experiences. For a fully exclusive offline expedition, we await you in Kansai.

Osaka : An Intimate Noh Performance Set in an Extravagant Private Hall

Kyoto : Trace the roots of Tea Ceremony in a Rarely Opened Tea Room

Fukui : See a Master “Echizen” Papermaker’s Craft Unfold Before Your Eyes

Hyogo : An Evening Noh Performance over Kobe’s Glittering Nightscape

Mie : Meet the Vanishing Lion, the Traveling Ise-daikagura Dancers

Nara : Experience the spirit of prayer at the Shugendo Konpon Dojo

Shiga : Private Zen Meditation in a Seldom Opened National Hall of Treasures

Tokushima : A Village’s Prized Puppets, Dancing on an Open-air Mountain Stage

Tottori : The Realm of Light in Shadows Unveiled by the Porcelain Potter

Wakayama : In Kumano, the “land of rebirth,” we renew our spirits

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